Watch Repair

  Door-to-Door Watch Repair Service

  Exclusively for Celebration Residents and Anyone Working in Celebration

  Provided by a Celebration Resident

Service for Locals

Watch Services

  Watch pickup and return
  Battery replacements
  Gasket and movement inspection
  Link adjustment
  Wristband replacement
  Cleaning and restoration

Jewelry Services

  Jewelry pickup and return
  Most repair services available

Service Areas

  All of Celebration
  Including Spring Lake and Island Village


Watch Repair Technician Anthony Sharpe provides same-day, pickup watch repair service to anyone who needs to be on-time and save time!

Ever experience a time consuming drive only to wait hours, days, or weeks for your watch repair? Then, drive again to pickup the item? Eliminate the wait and save time by texting, emailing, or calling for your service needs.

Enjoy a watch that has gone unused for years.

Contact Anthony today for a FREE Consultation


Celebration Watch Repair